For Sale By Owner:  A Complimentary Guide to Saving the Commission

Posted on Jul 12, 2019

For Sale By Owner

1) Make necessary changes and Improvements:           
    a)  Fresh clean paint throughout          
    b)  Well manicured lawn and yard            
    c)  Clean windows and window coverings,          
    d)  Organize garage and basement,             
    e)  Make sure roof and gutters are in good condition           
    f)  All sealants replaced around windows, tubs etc. 
2) Carefully research information regarding prices and te...

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Thinking Of Downsizing Your Family Home 

Posted on Jul 12, 2019

Thinking of Downsizing Your Family Home?

Advantages of Downsizing for Older Adults

1. Downsizing your home can save you money. Potential savings from living in a smaller dwelling can be quite substantial! House insurance, heating, electricity, property taxes will be much less when you live in a smaller home.

2. It’s less work to live in a smaller hom...

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July Newsletter

Posted on Jun 25, 2019

From the desk of Deb and Charlene 
 Wow!  London's average home price has risen over the $400,000 mark to $423,470!  This is almost $200,000 over the average of 10 years ago.   SELLING YOUR HOMEHelpful Advice: Get the basic knowledge you need before selling your home, plus useful advice to guide you throughout the process. Find it all here.
  1. Home listing...

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